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March 2019

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Rapid population growth and industrial development, increased energy consumption and at the same time, limited energy sources are one of the key problems facing modern energy. The innovative response to new challenges of energy industry was the concept of MicroGrid - a small distributed energy. The main…
Building standards and rules of energy efficiency lead to advanced technologies implementation, such as Bluetooth-networks in complex intelligent building systems. Martin Woolley - Technical Program Manager at Bluetooth SIG, will be one of the headliners at Smart Energy Summit Russia 2018 which will…
The Internet of Things gave the world a lot of new opportunities. One of the main opportunities was the possibility to organize and to collect continuous data from sensors and other devices. Thanks to modern "smart" solutions, it became possible to collect large amounts of data about various processes…
Energy supply is a quite complicated and multilevel process. Advanced energy market in Russia is influenced by several factors. Firstly, the data centers have recently been built, where more and more productive ICT equipment with high energy consumption is concentrated. Secondly, the requirements for…
Green building is an approach to the design, construction and maintenance of premises, containing a number of solutions, measures, materials and equipment aimed at energy and resource efficiency. The idea of such building began its development in the UK in the late 80s of the last century. The interest…
One of the key trends in the fuel and energy complex development in the coming years is digitalization. Big Data and artificial intelligence opportunities in energy industry are in high demand. It is recognized both by experts in the field of modern IT technology and by the country's leadership. Russian…
Energy is one of the most important industrial sectors, which requires some improvements on the territory of Russia. First of all, these are demands of our time. Russian cities should become "smart cities". All prerequisites are for it, ready-made solutions have already been tested and successfully operated…
Nowadays a lot of attention is paid to electric power industry in all developed countries, which use the most modern digital equipment and technologies, measuring and control equipment, allowing to secure the reliability and economy of electric power systems functioning at a higher level. Energy complex…
The implementation of innovative projects into public services work is not just a topical issue for Russia, it is a critical issue for many regions. Modernization of outdated equipment, implementation of modern systems for metering and analysis of electricity consumption are becoming key issues on the…
The condition of power grids in Russia is approaching critical wear rate. The efficiency and strength capacity of energy systems is almost outspent. So far, approximately 60-70% of the power grid property assets served out their age long time ago. In circumstances where the volume of energy consumption…
The second annual Smart Energy Summit Russia 2018 will be held on March 27 and 28, 2018 in Moscow. A number of modern innovative projects are planned within the upcoming international event on energy resources management through innovative and digital technologies, which are targeting issues concerning…
Whether modern technologies and innovations are ready to deal with the most important issues of energy efficiency and energy saving? Whether the state, large and small businesses are ready to significantly increase energy needs in production processes and life support of citizens in the coming decades? Whether…
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