7-8 October
Dmitry Berezutsky, GreenStroy Association. Green building and energy - efficient premises

Green building is an approach to the design, construction and maintenance of premises, containing a number of solutions, measures, materials and equipment aimed at energy and resource efficiency. The idea of such building began its development in the UK in the late 80s of the last century.

The interest in "green" building appeared only in 2009 in Russia after at that time the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, defined the policy of energy saving and global energy saving as one of the most important state tasks, so after it a certain progress came in sight. According to state authorities the federal laws "On saving energy and increasing energy efficiency", "On technical regulation" and technical operating procedure "On buildings and structures safety" must ensure 40% of energy costs reduction by 2020.

A non-profit partnership "Green Building Council" was formed the same year and started its work bringing for Green Building the development and promotion of norms and rules. Council Board Member, Chairman of the Board of "GreenStroy" Association Dmitry Berezutsky will make a report at Smart Energy Summit Russia 2018.

From 1994 he has had a practical experience, experience in construction and new building technologies implementation. From 1994 - head of the building and productive organization in Rostov-on-Don, from 2002 - in Moscow. From 2007 - developer of house-building concepts for green prefabricated buildings. In 2010 - initiated the establishment of "GreenStroy" Association. Honorary member of “Green Building Council”. Expert in new building technologies, nanotechnology implementation in building, organization of green approaches. Author of a number of articles, reports and developments. Studied and did his intership on energy efficiency in Japan, Germany, had trainings in LEED, BREEAM.

Dmitry Berezutsky

Chairman of the Board of "GreenStroy" Association

The project of the energy-efficient house "LegovDom"

The “LegovDom” project is being developed and sponsored by “Green Building Council”, also powered by Skolkovo Innovation Center, NRU MSUCE, BRE Global, Association of HVAC Engineers.

LegovDom model is created exclusively for long-term research purposes. The goal of the project is to create on the basis of LegovDom a research institute of fibrolite house - building and a cross-sectoral association for the development and practical implementation of prefabricated buildings and complex projects with unique green characteristics.



The results of research and development will be applied in the products of the first resource-saving house-building plant "EcoDSC Lyudinovo" and for the further development of energy-efficient fibrolite production industry of prefabricated buildings and new methods of house-building.

At the Summit Dmitry Berezutsky will speak about the energy-efficient building technology, consumption reduction and "zero" energy buildings, new materials and building approaches, "green" modeling and standards, etc.

Smart Energy Summit Russia 2018 will be held on March 27 – 28 in Moscow, where you can learn more about energy efficient buildings, smart houses and energy distribution systems.

To find out about summit details and get a list of speakers, fill up, please this form. Specialists of Redenex company will send all the necessary information to your email address.

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