7-8 October
Izmail Khuzmiev, CEO Adviser at IDGC of Northern Caucasus: About Smart Grid implementation in Northern Caucasus

Nowadays a lot of attention is paid to electric power industry in all developed countries, which use the most modern digital equipment and technologies, measuring and control equipment, allowing to secure the reliability and economy of electric power systems functioning at a higher level.

Energy complex development in Russia is one of the priority tasks and its implementation determines energy security and stable development of the country's economy. Certain steps have been already taken to modernize the existing system in some regions of the country.

Implementation of intelligent technologies for digital energy will significantly improve the efficiency of primary energy use, reduce the costs of industrial processes and the impact on the environment, obtain a significant economic effect. The creation of digital intelligent networks (Smart Grid) allows increasing the reliability of energy supply and the stability of the energy system as a whole. At present, Smart Grid technology is becoming more widespread in America, Europe, China, Japan, etc. Of course, this task is relevant for Russian electric power industry too.

One of the global projects using Smart Grid technologies is the construction of innovative zone "Silicon Valley "Tagauria" in North Ossetia. The concept of energy supply system of the innovation zone "Silicon Valley "Tagauria" was developed and based on its location in the mountainous region of the Republic of North Ossetia. Meeting ecological and environmental requirements is the most important task of resolving energy supply issues.

The system is designed for not to exceed the requirements of current environmental pollution level at given location. This can be solved only with the use of renewable energy sources (RES) in the energy supply system of park facilities functioning. The use of RES will also increase the autonomy of energy supply and its independence from the centralized supply.

Izmail Khuzmiev

CEO Adviser at IDGC of Northern Caucasus, Professor, Doctor of Technical Science

Intelligent energy system creation is aimed to achieve the following results:
- the increase of reliability, efficiency, and safety of energy supply system functioning in the mountainous zone;
- the increase of quality and stability of the system in normal and critical energy supply modes;
- decentralization of electric and heat energy generation and optimization of their distribution and consumption;
- creation of the regulatory and legal framework for deployment and operation of intelligent local and decentralized energy supply systems and their interface with central energy grid;
- development of standard technical solution on structure, functions and operating conditions of local intelligent energy and heat supply systems.

Project implementation and creation of an actively adaptive energy supply system for the innovative zone in the mountains refers to the creation of an energy grid of fundamentally new qualities and the creation of conditions for its effective interaction with all system elements based on high-quality, reliable and economical services on energy transmission and consumption.

It will be possible for you to discuss the prospects of smart solutions development in the energy sector and also meet ready smart solutions for Russian energy market at Smart Energy Summit 2018 on March 27-28 in Moscow.

A full list of participants and programme details are available after completing this questionnaire.

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