7-8 October
Martin Woolley, Bluetooth SIG. How to make a "smart" house with Bluetooth Mesh technology

Building standards and rules of energy efficiency lead to advanced technologies implementation, such as Bluetooth-networks in complex intelligent building systems. Martin Woolley - Technical Program Manager at Bluetooth SIG, will be one of the headliners at Smart Energy Summit Russia 2018 which will be held on March 27-28 in Moscow.

In his speech he will talk about Bluetooth Mesh networks and how this next evolution of the world-famous and reliable technology will have the greatest impact on the world of smart buildings.

Martin Woolley

Technical Program Manager at Bluetooth SIG

Commercial lighting provides a natural network for connectivity and in combination with Bluetooth network will play a pivotal role for actual smart building implementation. Bluetooth Mesh network allows intelligent control of lighting, heating, air conditioning and other building systems. It also allows to create a highly efficient sensor network, that’s why the data which describes every aspect of the building environment can be collected and used in modern analytics and artificial intelligence, therefore, to improve building efficiency.

The network of Bluetooth cells can take all sorts of innovative wireless access services. Retailers will be able to offer store navigation or special promotions. It will be possible to track patients and expensive equipment in hospitals. Industrial plants personnel will be able to connect machines for better and safer monitoring and maintenance. Thanks to excellent universality, reliability, energy efficiency and interoperability, only Bluetooth-grid can provide a reliable and efficient wireless network that will help to make intelligent buildings properly smart.

Smart buildings, smart cities and smart energy distribution will be one of the key topics in the INTERNET of ENERGY stream at Smart Energy Summit Russia 2018. You can get a full list of speakers and stay up to date with the latest updates of the summit program by filling out  this form. The specialists of Redenex company will send the needed information to the e-mail you’ve specified in your application.

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