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MicroGrid - the future of electricity. Cases, prospects, opportunities

Rapid population growth and industrial development, increased energy consumption and at the same time, limited energy sources are one of the key problems facing modern energy.

The innovative response to new challenges of energy industry was the concept of MicroGrid - a small distributed energy. The main factor for the rapid emergence and popularization of MicroGrid technology was the task of ensuring energy efficiency. From the very beginning the decision was to focus on the search for potential energy saving sources. In the field of generating capacities, investors willingly supported the approach to renewable sources as a logical addition to the existing traditional fuel.

According to Redenex Report "Macro possibilities of microgeneration", renewable energy in the coming years will become the dominant for the world investments in energy sector. First of all it applies to solar and wind power plants. RES will account for 48% of the installed capacity in the world and up to 34% of electricity production by 2040.



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Energy sector has been stable for a long time, but it has not survived either: it lived through a series of crises. As a result, it turned out not to be adapted to the new market rules, in which an another factor appeared - subsidies for renewable sources. Thanks to these subsidies, renewable energy sources (RES) have become increasingly popular. So, the spot was opened up for promotion and implementation of microgrid concept.

MicroGrid is a system that includes its own sources of energy generation and in crisis situations is able to take on the task of responding on the demand of consumers. This is a kind of light version of the centralized energy supply system.


Mode of operation of Microgrid system


Microgrid, as a rule, works when connected to a general central network, but at any time it can shut down and work through its own generation of energy. And the most important is that these "smart" energy grids are able to successfully use the above - mentioned renewable energy sources.

There are no distinct power limits in the local isolated microgrid network. The main negative factors in RES use and their impact on the local network are in the principle of energy production, as it depends on climate condition. For example, only island mode is excluded: RES is turned off by the network operator when an island regime appears, in which only alternative sources participate or participated before. The second important factor is a high volatility in the energy generation. We can also note a weak predictability of the amount of energy produced. Despite the instability of RES, the concept of microgrid has already been successfully implemented in different parts of the world.



We offer you to have a look at five largest projects, where the most advanced microgrid systems are involved.

Project object



1. Gorona Del Viento, Canary Islands

Integration of 5 × 2.3 MW wind farms with 11.32 MW of PSPP and 11 MW of diesel generators

The world's first integration of a pumped storage station with renewable sources

2. Ross Island, Antarctic

Integration of 3 × 330 kW of wind turbines with 9 × 125 kW of diesel generators, installation of 500 kW PowerStore stabilizer

Minimizing of diesel generators operation, saving 463,000 liters per year in fuel, reducing CO2 emissions by 2,800 tons per year

3. Marble Bar, Australia

Integration of a photovoltaic unit 1 × 300 kW with diesel generators 4 × 320 kW, 500 kW PowerStore stabilizer unit

Minimizing of diesel generators operation, saving 405,000 liters per year in fuel, reducing CO2 emissions by 1,100 tons per year

4. Copper mine DeGrossa, Australia

An integrated solution using a 10.6 MW photovoltaic unit with an accumulation system with a diesel generator unit, the PowerStore stabilizer unit    


Minimizing of diesel generators operation, saving 5 million liters per year in fuel

5. Kodiak Island, Alaska

Island network stabilization

Stabilization of the network with fluctuations of 9 MW, batteries lifetime prolongation

The island Microgrids are representing 36% of Tesla's total energy storage now, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Since November, in addition to these five projects the company installed its first or second generation Powerpack batteries on five islands: four were installed in the Pacific Ocean: Tau -  in American Samoa, Mololo - in Fiji and Kauai and Honolulu  - in Hawaii. The fifth project was installed in one of the islands in North Carolina, in the Atlantic Ocean.

As for the continent, Schneider Electric and Engie signed an agreement to build Microgrids in Southeast Asia, and Electric Vine Industries together with the same Engie are going to build and launch solar grids for 3000 villages in Papua, Indonesia.

In Russia, according to the country's Energy Strategy, it will not stand aside from this direction development. It is necessary to note the potential of renewable energy sources in the country.

Microgrid systems can be used in remote regions of Russia. For example, in Siberia and the Far East, in rural areas far away from large network facilities, sanatoriums and recreation centers, in military and other closed objects.



Small "smart" Energy will help the restructuring of energy in Russia - the transition from a centralized system that uses large sources of electricity production to the use of a variety of energy sources that are most appropriate to these natural conditions and the characteristics of individual consumers.

The theme of creating smart grids and small distribution grids will be actively discussed at "Internet of Energy: on the way to global compatibility" stream within Smart Energy Summit 2018. To get a full list of speakers and a full version of the summit program, fill out, please this form. Specialists of Redenex company will send all the necessary information to the e-mail you will specify in the form.

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