7-8 October
Stephen Mellor: «Russia will undoubtedly excel with its energy industries»

We talked to our speaker - Stephen Mellor, Chief Technical Officer at the Industrial Internet Consortium, USA - about the development of the IoT systems market. At the World Smart Energy Summit Russia, he will tell us «What does the future hold for smart energy? » and «How do I establish a successful smart energy project»? 

In 2017 Industrial Internet Consortium (IIT) prepared recommendations to improve the compatibility of various Internet of things systems. How has the situation changed since then? Did the recommendations help the development of the market?

We certainly believe so. Or we wouldn’t be here.

A lot has happened since we were found in 2014. We began by laying out some frameworks which helped the market by laying some common terms, tools and techniques. Then we moved on to more actionable works, such as the Endpoint Security Best Practices. These help people build systems more quickly and reliably. We have now launched the Resource Hub and Project Explore. The Project Explorer helps managers and engineers reduce risk by providing checklists and pointers to relevant material.

Stephen, please announce your performance at the World Smart Energy Summit Russia? What are you planning to focus on?

I shall be speaking on «What does the Future Hold for Smart Energy?» and «How do I Establish a Successful Smart Energy Project»?

One of the global dangers of the Internet of things industry is cybersecurity. How can we protect us from hacker attacks on the way to universal compatibility?

You can’t have universal compatibility. Look at standards for power sockets for example. You need interoperability. And you need to protect every component that is connected to the internet. See Endpoint Security Best Practices for example.

How do you assess the development of It – technologies and industrial Internet in Russia? Which country, in your opinion, has made the most progress in this direction? Whose experience is worth studying?

Every country has its own area in which it specializes. Germany, for example is well know in manufacturing; China is making great strides, especially with artificial intelligence. Russia will undoubtedly excel with its energy industries. No one country is “ahead”. They are all ahead in different ways.

Which is which interoperability is so important, and the Industrial Internet Consortium’s testbed program. We bring systems together from across the globe to see what works.

Share with us your opinion in the field of smart energy. Tell us about your innovation practice or your solution.

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