7-8 October

Erachain company develops and implements solutions based on blockchain technology. The company has been operating since 2014, during this period the company has created several products, including:

  • Product for online trading Safe-Pay - allows customers of online stores to make purchases using their phone number, without the need to specify credit card details
  • The demo version of the platform for recording the circulation of prescription drugs in the territory of the Russian Federation “Farm-Control”
  • IT product created in cooperation with the company Energy Technologies of Energy, a product that allows you to automatically record meter readings of electricity in the blockchain, excluding the further possibility of making any changes, both from consumers and from energy sales companies.

We offer:

  • development of new and strengthening existing corporate solutions using blockchain technology;
  • acceleration and cheapening of aml / kyc processes in banks, insurance companies;
  • decentralized data storage, without being tied to a single server;
  • the ability to encrypt data and sign EDS;
  • the possibility of sharing the database on an equal footing with other participants

Contact Information
8 495 280 77 40

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