7-8 October

ITSumma has been providing emergency IT-consulting since 2008.

We focus on:

  • designing information systems of any level of complexity (Real-Time BigData and IoT tools, Machine Learning and Data science, OLAP platforms, PaaS systems);
  • building streaming data processing systems (Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Hadoop, Greenplum, Clickhouse);
  • supporting complex infrastructure solutions (creating cloud data centers and monitoring centers, securing 24/7 support);
  • implementing comprehensive audit and infrastructure optimization;
  • providing round-the-clock DevOps support for projects.

Mastering IoT technologies, we develop individual projects with specific goals and create our own solutions. One of our original product is the hardware and software system "IIoT Control".

Its main features include:

  • accumulating data from the object's systems (energy sources, HVAC, etc.) in a single data processing platform;
  • monitoring key indicators (operational and proactive notifications about abnormalities and problems);
  • analyzing historical data to reduce costs of energy (electricity, heat, etc.), water and other resources’ consumption;
  • providing EHS and Comfort management: control over the maintenance of a comfortable environment for visitors and / or staff (air quality, thermal control, humidity, etc.).
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