Registered participants
Key summit speakers
Michael Akim
Director of Strategic Development
ABB Russia
Andrey Chibis
Deputy Minister Of Construction and Housing and Utilities Services, Russia
Karl-Filip Coenegrachts
Chief Strategy Officer.
City of Gent
Emanuele Volpe
Innovation Manager
Enel, Russia
Andrey Belozerov
Advisor of Minister for strategic projects and innovations Moscow government

Dmitry Sharonov
Vice-President Chamber of commerce and industry Republic of Bashkortostan
Vladimir Knyaginin
Fund «Centre for strategic studies»
Kirill Makarichev
General Manager,
Arena Park Management
Есть решения по собственной генерации?
50% отказов от покупки генерирующего оборудования происходит из-за невозможности финансирования проекта
Проведенные исследования выявили «идеальных поставщиков» в регионах, с которыми Инвесторы готовы разделить риски
Сформировать новейший вектор трансформации в системе генерации, накапливания, распределения и управления энергоресурсами с помощью внедрения новейших технологий и интеллектуальных энергосистем в энергетике и промышленности будущего.
Summit key blocks

Smart industrial energy

Energy-efficient city

Smart energy of buildings

What's in focus
Energy sector in the new economy
trends, possibilities, advantages
Protection & Security
New challenges
Smart Energy
Financial tools in the energy sector
from attraction of investors and management to the controlled solutions and minimization of frauds
Internet of Things
Unified approaches for small and large scale projects
from «smart building» to «smart city» - Smart City
Smart City
IT-industry approaches in energy systems
virtualization, Internet of Things, BigData, etc.
Internet of Things
Sustainability as a basis of the new economy
decrease losses – save resources and money
Smart Grid
development basis
Smart Energy
for reliability, optimization, economic feasibility
As a part of the event, different interactive communication formats will be introduced:
Summit audience
Industrial enterprises
Governments and municipal governments of cities

Infrastructure objects

Object development and design

Industrial parks, techno parks and special economic zones

Producers and distributors of power equipment and technologies

Innovation centers

Investment organizations

26% — Directors General
19% — Chief Energy Workers
14% — Chief Engineers
13% — Chief Technical Managers
12% — Development Directors
9% — Production Department Directors
7% other positions

Join the representatives of the most successful Russian and foreign enterprises!
Russian regions
Summit media partners
Take maximum advantage by becoming a partner or an exhibitor of Smart Energy Summit
More than 300 CEOs on the site
100% of audience are interested in modernization and development of their business, production, buildings and facilities.
Maximum possibilities for business development
Convenient sites for negotiations, personal meeting manager, more than 10 meeting with potential customers per day.
Various brand promotion formats
Public speaking at the Summit meeting, presentation of equipment, press-conference for profession-oriented media, advanced brand promotion (before, during and after the event)
Target audience analysis
Researches, polls, interviews are held on the site. Learn what your target audience say about your product
Event host
Redenex is a successful Russian-British company, operating since 2012 over the largest projects within Russia and Europe.

The main advantage of our organization is the profession-oriented specialization, precise knowledge of each and every cooperation details and aspects in the sphere of the Russian industry and energetics. Over the past five years of our activity we organized more than 30 events for the government authorities and international organizations. We accumulated more than 27 000 individual contacts in key areas. All of our projects are being worked through individually, taking into account the target audience needs.

Look at our past events
Look at our past events
"Self-generation at the enterprise" is a name of our first business platform. As long ago as 2013, it has been successfully held in Moscow. A year later, in 2014 the event was expanded and was held in two Russian cities, Krasnodar and Moscow. In 2015 the event was held in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Kazan and in 2016 the business platform took place in Moscow and Krasnodar.

"Self-generation" Forum has transformed into a new format and was named Smart Energy Summit . The event will be held on March 31, 2017, in Moscow.

The rebranding of the Summit followed by the concept change: while the topic of self generation remains essential, the Summit is addressed to quite a broader range of topics and trends. Among them are: new energy management models, intelligence systems in the energetics, smart city, renewable sources of energy and many more. "SMART ENERGY SUMMIT" Investment Energy Forum will the key information of new financial tools and investment sources of the new energy model.

The positive results of the past event and the highest level of the event arrangement were appraised by more than 80% of the participants. 79% of them expect to implement self-generation at production site in the near future.

Other events
"The program of such important event triggered a great interest of every single participant. The congress is arranged at a high level, which has been largely driven by great professional skills of your team".
R.А. Zalivatskiy
Deputy Governor of Kaluga oblast
"In cooperation with the Summit organizers we've managed to achieve an open dialogue between the representatives of the government and representatives of the Russian and foreign business at the Forum site, that resulted in conclusion of a number of investment agreements and the establishment of mutually beneficial contracts"
А.V. Menshchikov
Deputy Chairman of the Government of Tver oblast
"Absolutely all participants of the conference marked the high level of the event arrangement. Largely due to Redenex company, its attitude to details, we succeeded to reach high results of this forum".
А.I. Antonov
Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation
Participants of our events
Contact information
How to get to us?
Smart Energy Summit
Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment, 12
Details of Redenex LLC
Full company name Redenex Limited Liability Company
Abbreviated company name: Redenex LLC
Business address: 44 Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya Str., office 19, Moscow city, 115 093
Correspondence address: 16 Pionerskaya Str., PO box 839, Korolev city, Moscow oblast, 141 074

Personal Tax Reference Numbe7 705 776 596
Tax Registration Reason Code770 501 001
Primary State Registration Number1 077 746 295 318
Industrial classification code according to All-Russian Classifier of Types of Economic Activity 74.4
Industrial classification code according to All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations 99 058 513

Branch of BINBANK PJSC, Moscow ciity
Settlement account 4 070 281 030 006 003 4754
Correspondent account 3 010 181 090 000 000 0495
Bank Identification Code 44 525 495

Settlement account 4 070 281 040 110 000 9932
Correspondent account 3 010 181 020 000 000 0593
Bank Identification Code 44 525 593

Director General (under the Charter): Varlamova Olga Nikolaevna
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