Summit speakers

Andrey Kolesnikov*
IoT Association
Ville Mickelsson
Co-chairman, Energy Sector of the Industrial Internet Consortium
Dr. Massoud Amin
Technological Leadership Institute, University of Minnesota
Carl-Philip Konegrakht
Strategic Planning Head of Gent Municipal Council (Belgium)
Oleg Pertsovskyi
Operations Director
Energy Efficient Technologies Cluster Skolkovo
Alexandr Starchenko
Chairman of Supervisory Board, Energy Consumers Association (ECA)
Vladimir Alexeev
System Architect, Russia&CIS
Denis Anikin
Engineering Director for Email & Cloud Mail.Ru
Vasiliy Zubakin*
Head of Department of Coordination of the Operation and Energy Supply Lukoil
Detlef Voigt*
Director Smart Energy Solutions.
Arvato Systems
Valeryi Dzubenko
Energy Consumers Association (ECA)
Roman Gromov
Director for Prospective Development Department NCO «Sovet Rynka»
Andrey Chibis*
Deputy Minister Construction and Housing&Utility Infrastructure Ministry of Russia
Mikhail Solovov*
Deputy Chairman Committee for Moscow State Building Supervision
Dr. Thomas Goette*
General Manager
Green Pocket (Germany)
Pavel Gontarev*
General Manager
Valeryi Seleznev*
First Deputy Chairman Of Moscow City Duma for Energy Industry
Vasilyi Boyarinov
Regional Manager, Russia&CIS
Leonid Neganov*
Minister for Energy Industry of the Moscow area
Georgyi Gogolev
Communicatios Director, RVC
Alexandr Gerasimov
Director for IT and Cloud services J'son & Partners Consulting
Vitalyi Nedelskyi*
President IoT Union Association
Sergey Maryin*
Director for the Department of Automated Engineering LANIT
Robert Powell
Director of Compliance IPC
Vladimir Levin
Board of Directors Member Fidesys
Natalia Efimtseva*
Developer Relations Program Manager Google
Andrey Sinitsyn*
Strizh Telematica
Yury Samoilov
General Manager
Elena Semenovskaya*
Research Director
Alexey Kaideshvili*
Technology Director
Irina Ilyina
Institute of Regional Studies and Urban Planning
Vladimir Knyaginin*
Center for Strategic Development
Oleg Jdanov*
General Manager of PermEnergo (IDGC group)
Roman Berdnikov*
First Deputy Director
Andrey Bezrukov*
Director for Strategic Marketing
GS Group
Vladislav Vorotnotskyi*
Marketing Manager
Tavrida Electric
Artak Evoyan*
GC «Tashir»
Eija-Riita Korhola
Delegate Consultative Commission on Industrial Change (CCMI)
*These speakers have the status of "Invited"
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*These speakers have the status of "Invited"
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